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vCash cuts payment processing costs

For merchants, every dollar saved on costs is an actual dollar of profit. Payment processing has become a cost centre for all merchants, big and small. Your monthly bills of payment processing can run into thousands of dollars. There is no doubt that all the parties involved, such as the credit card companies and banks have played a role in helping you, and thus they should get paid accordingly.

However, costs for payment processing can amount to 5% of the total settlement amount, which may well be the profit margin of some businesses! Are you able to reduce this cost? Extra money paid to payment processors is money lost for you! 

There are only two ways to avoid this loss of money. One is to charge extra money from your customers. This is usually not the preferred way as you are afraid of losing them too! The only other way is to ask your payment processor to reduce your monthly bill. Most likely, your current provider would say No.

vCash Group is here to provide you with a second option - get your lost money back.


vCash analyzes your monthly statements and offers you an ATM with cash plan. This plan will save you money. A free consultation will make a difference - a second opinion will always help to get your lost profit back!

If vCash is not able to offer you a much cheaper plan, you will receive $200 for your effort to send us your statement.

Email your monthly bills to vCash Payments at or Call us at 1-800-818-7980.