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Trials of vCash Payment Terminals for 90 days to accept debit cards and credit cards

This is very simple - Get it Today.

You can try almost anything before you decide to go with it in a store including yours. Then, why not try and decide with a long term contract like a payment processing terminal and contract?


At vCash Group, we believe in trials and client satisfaction. We are so confident that you will be happy with the value of our service and support. In a situation that you truely want to leave us, there will be no questions asked. It is a 90 day trial - we want you to start and experience vCash ATMs for easy payment processing and worry free support.

If you currently have an ATM and are not happy with the terms and/or support, you may want to try vCash ATMs to experience how we are able to cut your cost and to provide you with prompt care and support of payment processing.

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