Free ATM Placements

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Merchants can get free ATM placements from vCash Group

The most popular way to have an ATM in your store is to have it for FREE! And, you will enjoy a monthly income.This is how it works when you have it this way:

  1. vCash places an ATM in your store without charging you a fee or rental charge;
  2. You, the merchant, chooses whether you want to load cash into the ATM or not;
  3. If you do want to fill the cash, your share of surcharge is higher;
  4. If you do not want to fill the cash, your share of surcharge is relatively lower than you load cash;
  5. vCash takes care of the support and maintenance of the ATM including the supply of receipt paper;
  6. You, the merchant, will enjoy added customer base with cash in their pockets to buy;
  7. The store will also get a share of the surcharge.

There is nothing to loose with this Free Placement option, but added benefits.If you believe that an ATM will bring you more business and earn more for you and vCash, please contact us today! >> Contact vCash with Free Consultation