Benefits of vCash ATM

vCash ATMs - Triton and Hyosung NH1800    You will gain more by working with vCash Group to meet your ATM needs. vCash offers not only an ATM machine, but also the associated worry free support and services. Besides, since vCash Group is part of the Valueland family, you will be able to earn more by referring mortgage clients to Valueland. Here is a list of what you can expect to get from vCash:

  • All brand new ATM machines with EMV compliance;
  • Wireless connection - no need to have Internet/Phone line for ATM;
  • Higher surcharge share to the store;
  • Bright red LED ATM window signs to draw consumers into the store;
  • Responsive support & maintenance (Live persons)
  • The store is to be listed on vCash website in the Merchant section